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Michele Moore - Happy1

Thanks for your comment. Like most academic happiness research, Drs. Deaton & Kahneman don't tell us what we can do to be happier given who we are, the challenges we face and the income we earn.

They found a statistical relationship between measures of happiness and income and reported it. Their research doesn't help people who are trying to find out what they can do to be happier right now.

Our Happiness Habit research offers specific things people can do to be happier. Try it and see if it brightens your life.


By the numbers, Drs. Angus Deaton and Daniel Kahneman of Princeton University think they know the answer to the question of what happiness is. Particularly, the physician duo investigated replies to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index (GHWBI) questionnaire. They found that United States homes with a normal salary of at least $75,000 scored highest for emotional well-being. Source for this article: People are happiest at $75,000 per year, says study.It depends on the person what will make him/her happy, it can be money,career, family or other things. Happiness is a state of mind, not a state of being. You can be happy if you are contented and at peace.


Really good posts.

Hi Michele,
Fantastic advice throughout your posts... such easy ShiFTs to make with our mindset that ultimately result in a more fulfilling life. Keep writing!

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